Two podcasts to listen to this month

Looking for something edifying to listen to these days? With so much of the media focused on the difficulties of this year or divisive politics, sometimes it can be a breath of fresh air to listen to something that will help feed your mind and build up your heart. As we head towards Reformation Sunday at the end of this month, here are two podcasts that you might find encouraging to listen to in the month of October:

“Here We Stand” is a podcast that was produced by Desiring God in 2017. There is a short (10 minute or less) biography given each day about the people who were directly involved in the Reformation. You can find more information here, or subscribe / listen to the podcast here or here.

“Luther: In Real Time” is a brand new podcast produced by Ligonier Ministries. It follows a specific period of Luther’s life, with episodes being released on the exact date – though 500 years later – that they happened. There is a preview available now, and new episodes will be available starting October 10th. Find more information here, or subscribe / listen to the podcast here.