Justice is Coming Habakkuk 2:2-20

Pastor Kevin Miller preaches from Habukkuk Chapter 2.

Justice is Coming > Habakkuk 2:2-20

2:2-5 The big picture of God’s justice: it is coming, even when the timing doesn’t fit what we hope and cry out for.

2:6-17 The specifics of God’s justice: those who oppress shall be judged – they won’t get away with wickedness forever.

2:18-20 The personal-ness of God’s justice: take your cues not from idols that lead to destruction, but instead keep your vision firmly fixed on the immovable Lord.

Emphasis: Despite Habakkuk’s concerns, despite our own sense of timing, God will bring about perfect justice.

Context: Chapter 1 introduced us to Habakkuk’s very familiar questions about where God is when the wicked seem to prosper. Chapter 3 will show Habakkuk’s faithful response to what the Lord is revealing in these verses here in chapter 2.

Theme: God’s justice will come, the wicked will receive their due – so what about you? Do you anticipate the return of the Lord with thankfulness, or with fear?

Gospel: In this earthly life, so many of God’s servants did not receive justice – Christ being the ultimate example. Yet, Christ has been raised from the dead and will return to rule and reign over a kingdom where all that is wrong, all that is wicked, all that is sinful shall be rightly dealt with. Is this your hope? Is this the vision that motivates your faithfulness here?

Applications: We are called to trust the Lord’s justice and timing; to believe that a day is coming when all will be set right; and to know that God alone is worthy of our worship.

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