June 14, 2020 Service: Reminders and Clarifications

Dear friends,

June 14th – the date when we will hold a socially-distanced church service – is right around the corner! As we prepare to gather together, let me give a few reminders and clarifications:

  1. First and foremost, please be in prayer for our church – as we meet, but also for wisdom in leadership, and that each of us would grow as disciples during this time.
  2. Reminder: we will have an in-person, socially-distanced church service at 10:15am on June 14th. There will be no Sunday school beforehand (weekly lessons will continue to be posted on the church website each Sunday). For those enjoying the services from home, don’t forget that we are experimenting with recording the entire service – including worship and announcements – on Sunday morning. This means that it won’t be available online until Sunday afternoon. Our goal in this is to give you a better experience, but please feel free to call/email with feedback after watching – we want this format to be helpful for you!
  3. For those of you in the 65+ age group or with conditions that might predispose you to having complications if you were to come down with the Coronavirus, Governor Reynolds continues to advocate that you should “stay indoors as much as possible and avoid group settings.” At the same time, as she has mentioned over the past weeks and months, each person will need to make their own decision based on their health and comfort level – you are the expert on your own situation. Here at First E-Free, we are advocating the same: if you are concerned about your own health and feel that it is best to stay home, then please do so – and with our blessing. We will be praying for you! On the other hand, if you feel that it is time to go ahead and join us for worship, you are welcome to do so and we’ll be excited to see you!
  4. If you haven’t already listened to or read through the May 31 or June 7 announcements, we would urge you to do so – this way you’ll know what to expect when you arrive on Sunday. You can find those announcements on the service pages here and here. The printed version can be found attached to the end of this update.
  5. Remember that just as the service itself will be different, so will dismissal. While we welcome and encourage folks to wave and say “hi” to one another, please maintain social distancing. In order to keep the doorways and hallway from getting congested, pastor will not be standing at the back after the service. Feel free to catch him individually instead. Similarly, please move longer conversations outside after the service: this will enable our cleaning crew to disinfect the building before Nueva Vida arrives for their own service.