John 4:27-54 Fallacies

Pastor Kevin Miller preaches the second half of John 4.

Fallacies > John 4:27-54

4:27-30 Evangelism is not just for the professionals – spreading the Good News is for all of God’s people.

4:31-38 Salvation isn’t just for “good people” with the “right” background. Instead, it is for anyone and everyone who will trust Jesus as Savior.

4:39-45 Real faith is about trusting Jesus – not about getting the words right or having an “amazing” testimony.

4:46-54 Miracles aren’t the most important point – faith in Jesus as the Messiah is.

Context: We are continuing to look at Christ’s conversation with the woman at the well. Already, Jesus has revealed to her that He is the Messiah. Now, we will see the unexpected responses that she – and others – have as they react to this truth.

Aim: Being a follower of Jesus is not about your background, how well you fit into Christian culture, or how smart you are. Instead, it is all about trusting Jesus as the Messiah who saves His people from their sins.

Gospel: Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. He not only knows all that we have done or will do, but He shows His mercy to us in that He teaches us what is real, what is worth believing, and what will bring salvation to needy people like you and I.

Applications: Which of these fallacies are you most prone towards? How will you hold to the Gospel instead? How can you help others to have a Biblical view of Jesus and the faith?

Here is how I will apply these truths: ___________________