John 4:1-26 Thirst Quencher

Pastor Kevin Miller continues in the Gospel of John.

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4:1-6 A change in setting: from Jewish lands to Samaritan ones; from a conversation with a Pharisee and leader of the Jews to a woman at a well. But the overall theme remains: this Jesus is the Messiah, and what He offers is eternal life.

4:7-15 This first part of the conversation revolves around Christ’s request for water and the woman’s response and questions. Jesus quickly moves from talking about physical water to spiritual water; the water He gives will fulfill forever.

4:16-26 A change happens in this second part of the conversation when Jesus slowly reveals how He is able to give this amazing water: it is because He is the messiah.

Context: John has been showing us how Christ being the messiah has changed – and will change – everything: from a wedding, to the temple, to the need for being born again, and now (in fulfillment of numerous Old Testament pictures) how He will provide for and satisfy those who trust in Him.

Aim: John wants his readers to see that (1) Christ’s good news is not just for the Jews, but instead that He is the messiah for all who trust in Him; and (2) that what Christ offers fulfills our deepest and most pressing needs.

Gospel: This world cannot ultimately satisfy our deepest thirst – only Jesus can. The joyous news of the Gospel is that He offers exactly what is needed to all who trust in Him!

Applications: Do you worship not by tradition, but instead by spirit and truth? How are you helping your friends, family, and neighbors to see who Jesus is in this confused world?

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