First E-Free Coronavirus Update – March 15, 2020

Over this past weekend, both Nebraska and Iowa confirmed cases of “community spread” of the Coronavirus. This means that folks have contracted the virus even though they have not traveled or otherwise knowingly been in contact with somebody who has had the virus. At this point, we are still holding services and programs at the church, however the probability that we will need to suspend some or all of our programs and services is growing more likely.

What We Have Been Doing: We have increased our efforts at disinfecting “touch” surfaces (doorknobs, coffee pots, etc.). As well, the church leadership has been in prayer and discussion about how best to respond in light of our mission to be and make disciples.

What We Are Now Doing: As of last week and continuing forward, we recommend that anyone with a weakened immune system, those who are prone to respiratory infections, and any who are feeling unwell (particularly if you have a fever or a cough) to avoid church services and programs. This is both for your own protection, as well as one way that we can love one another well.

Additionally, we will be suspending our regular “greeting” times during and immediately after the church service. Feel free to wave, smile, etc. instead of shaking hands.

In light of local nursing homes and hospitals barring or severely restricting visitors, pastoral visits have been suspended. Alternate methods of care will be offered via phone, email, and letters.

What The Future Holds: If it becomes necessary to suspend some or all of our services and programs, we will post that announcement on the church’s website as well as on KTIV and KCAU.

Ultimately, our trust is not in health or the economy, but rather it is in the Lord. Our role is to display our trust in Christ during this time through how we love one another, and how we look to the Lord.