Communion Info for June 7, 2020

A reminder: we will have a “virtual” communion this coming Sunday. It will be its own video in the service due to your pastor (me!) neglecting to include it with the announcements, though you can view it just like the other videos that will be a part of the service. As usual, I will walk us through communion like normal, as closely as possible to how I would do it if we were all here in person.

Here’s your part: prepare – in your grocery shopping this week, add grape juice and bread to your list. It doesn’t need to be anything special or elaborate – remember, these elements represent Christ’s body and blood – they themselves are not transformed. Participate – have a small amount of juice ready in a cup and a bit of bread at hand for each person who will take communion. Then, watch the video that will be available on Sunday morning, and we’ll walk through taking communion in a way that is as together as possible. What a wonderful testimony to our Lord that we can remember His sacrifice together during these times!