Visual Resource: The Bible at a Glance

One way that we as a church can do a better job of communicating to the world around us to engage folks with truth on more levels than one. Good, Bible-proclaiming, Evangelical churches spend the bulk of their time engaging folks audibly – through teaching, through sermons, through small group discussions, etc. And that is a good thing. But if we look at the richness of the Scriptures, we find that the faithful ones of old would engage using multiple sense (just think of what is communicated by the design of the Tabernacle itself, or even of how Paul refers to something tangible when he speaks of the “unknown god” in Acts 17). To that end, we serve the watching world well when we, too, look to engage with multiple senses. And let’s be honest, we are products of our world, so we also do well when we can be engaged on multiple levels too.

To that end, I will be sharing a number of resources over the coming year that I have found personally helpful – charts, graphs, perhaps maps and videos – all resources that help us to see what we have heard or read.

Today, I wish to share a helpful chart I found awhile back on Intervarsity’s website – it is a timeline of Biblical history, keyed to the books of the Bible. Sometimes it is hard for us to visualize what happens when, and I find charts like this helpful. Of course, there are plenty of folks who would quibble with a date here or there on any timeline, but I find this one particularly helpful and simple (and frankly, when it comes to visual media, I think simpler is better)…

Find a high resolution PDF of this chart here.

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